How to Run Away

Deary May,

Here I sit today, March 2nd.

I'm sitting at home for this one. When I don't leave the house to work, it takes extreme self discipline. I guess it's easier to get into a productive stride when the distractions of home-life are away. It's nice when you can escape. 

I started my day at 4:45am. I'm supposed to report to the bakery at 5:30am but I like to be early. And I like to give my body and mind a chance to fully wake up. I drink 2 cups of water and meditate from 5am-5:08am. Then I leave and clock in at around 5:16am. 

So now it's 5:10pm and I'm drinking earl grey tea with coconut sugar (low glycemic) and vanilla unsweetened almond milk. It's absolutely delicious. Sometimes, I feel like I could enjoy coffee, tea, and divine dinners all day and completely escape from reality. And I've tracked myself and noticed I tend to escape boredom with eating. It's a bad habit but the knowledge that it's a bad habit is the solution. 

I really don't care for drinking or drugs. I've never smoked weed but when I want to celebrate a great record or a new goal accomplished, I do want a glass of red wine (or two). :D

Escapism is one of the 7 things people will pay money for. Drug addicts are sucked dry by their addiction to escaping. 

But on a more positive note, MUSIC. What do you do when you get home, want to chill, you're tired but you aren't ready for bed, and maybe you want to get the day off your mind. If you've ever put on a CD or hit shuffle on your playlist, clap your hands. 

That's definitely one of the main reasons me and Mom have written songs. Escaping into an alternative world and enjoying the imagined thrill. 

Now as I sip the last of my tea and think about how this blog post might be beneficial to you, I ponder some of the struggles of the newborn Entrepreneur. The guy who just ended his devotion to his 9-5 and is jumping into the fire of FREEDOM. What's the first step? 

Well, the first step is opening your arms and embracing failure as a friend. Because if you're afraid of Mr. F- then you're afraid to succeed. Because you're more likely to fail before you succeed. 

So now that you and Mr. F- are BFFs, the next step is learning how to be your own boss. When you're an employee, you're job is to do what your boss tells you in a timely fashion. But when you're an entrepreneur, it's your responsibility to not procrastinate and be PRODUCTIVE. 

So step #2 is learn to tell yourself what to do. Because if you can't be your own boss, someone else will. 

I Don't Know What to Vlog About <<<-------but I still did ;)