Making Money in a Green Flannel

Deary May,

I wake up today at 7:30am, which is late for me, in a green flannel. Dressed however the fuck I want to be, because today I'm off and we're going into the studio. Last night, I was far too exhausted to write to you. 

Last night...I honestly can't remember it right now. But it's not because I'm an alcoholic and drank my brains away. 

It's because I'm a workaholic and my brain is too full to remember insignificant yesterday.

To calm my mind, I played a 16 song set on my guitar for Mom while she washed dinner's dishes and drank chamomile tea.

And before that I was frustrated that I couldn't get my online banking account to activate.

Because before that, I was drinking my favorite cup of coffee in Florence and texting with my sister about how I'm going to pay rent online. 

And did a coin flip on between teaching music and teaching cake decorating. Music was heads, cake decorating was tails. I got heads. 

And after that we moved some furniture and imagined moving into a large 1940s house downtown Lake City, even closer to the bakery. 

I filmed my vlog-of-the-day at the house. 


Also, this morning, I woke up and ate a piece on homemade German chocolate cake because why not. That's what Mom was eating and she left me a piece out. 

At this point of my vlog series, I'm confused. 

Me and Mom are professionals at thinking of a cool name for a company, designing a logo, creating a slogan, and maybe even taking it as far as buying a domain from GoDaddy, my favorite place to buy my .com's. 

As I was sitting at the coffee shop at about 4pm, drinking a soy milk cappuccino (which is a mistake after noon), I googled how you teach songwriting. Then I came to an article about how songwriters are broke and 92% of American elementary school teachers wish they could have more music in their curriculum. 

"See an opportunity there?"

That's what she said.. XD

But seriously...I did some more searching around about that topic and imagined creating a course teachers could buy to teach kids how to open up and learn about themselves and each other. And make learning fun! 

I quit school in the 7th grade...

Because my personality didn't fit with the format of traditional education. And no one gave me an alternative to keep me engaged. My goal is to give those kids a reason not to quit. -WinnCloud

Long story short, I think I might want to save some kids from quitting school and feeling like a failure. Or feeling lost. 

And WinnCloud? Well...Mom accidentally let her computer fill out a form under my name and they put my name as Ginger WinnCloud. Weird, right?

I guess. But I did my usual physical behavior and designed a logo.

And guess what else I did yesterday? I had a phone call from the Tony Robbins team. They want me to take his 6 month training course for $3,500. 

How do I change my physicality to change my physiology?

Take the damn course!!!

Take a look at the big house! ;) <<<<<<---------

Good Morning May