How to Burn Money

Deary May,

A wise man once said you gotta spend money to make money. I am currently sitting in a bustling coffee shop, Soulé of Florence. There are not many great things in Florence, but Ezra Brown, a world class saxophonist, has brought new life to FloTown. Thank god he did. 

Now, I drink a turmeric oat milk cappuccino. It's a steamy golden shade of yellow. There's a slight smiley face in my milk and I smile back at hime every time I get one. Soulé is VERY different than the coffee shop/bistro I work at. Here, everything's more...chill. 

My mom literally has been non-stop crazy about online stuff...whether it be YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, blogging, vlogging, twogging, etc. She'll start each of my morning's loudly explaining to me how great it is to be online selling/advertising/marketing and how much I'm going to miss my opportunity if I don't get up and running because the costs of advertising is going to skyrocket in the next few years. My night's end laying in bed, listening to her through my doorway too. :) And now, she's been specifically "explaining" YouTubing. 

She has successfully started a YouTube channel. Granted it has 1 follower (me) but at LEAST she's trying. Humans biggest fear is public speaking but she's actually doing it. She acknowledges that it might suck. She says on there that she knows it is not a very good YouTube channel, but she also knows that she's doing something most people are too afraid to do. Could you imagine posting a YouTube video everyday, publicizing how lazy you are? LOL  >_<

Well, I imagined it and I started realizing that I am a really boring person who really accomplishes nothing other than working 40 hours a week and making $13 an hour. For my future, that will probably not make me $20K a month...unless I want to manage and own it...? :)

But as an entrepreneur, that would be a fun side hustle. Remember, if your goal isn't to make $20K a month, you probably never will. And after MONTHS of brainwashing me and keeping faith in me and never giving up on my "employee mindset", Mom finally convinced me to mentally quit investing 100% of my time in the bakery and start SOMEWHERE. 

So, as I was driving to Sumter to meet the owner of the bakery, I knew I wanted to film a vlog today. And post it on YouTube. The sun was shining into my driver's window and it was chilly but warm. I heard myself in my head saying, "Today I'm driving to Sumter and..." So I pulled out my iPhone 6s, flipped the camera, went to video, and hit record. 6.5 minutes later, I started my first Vlog. And it felt fucking awesome.

I didn't care if my vlog sucked. The important part was that I was documenting my journey to success. As a young singer/songwriter, my dream from like 9 years old was to win a Grammy. And every time something funny or eventful would happen in life, I would say, "That's gotta go in our documentary!" The most interesting part of successful people is their road to their Grammy. And as I was excitedly telling Mom about my FIRST vlog and I smiled, I realized I was filming my own documentary, starting now.