The Passionate Octopus

Deary May,

As I was cooking my brussels sprout, I had an epiphany. Mom told me to write down all 12 zodiacs and pic one industry for each sign. But I had to pick an industry that makes $20K a month. 

After 5 hours of thinking, researching, and digging, I had it. And some of the info I had to read through was just silly... Someone even said it's a lucrative business to be a balloonist for birthday parties...

But the point is...

When you're not a dentist or a lawyer or a waitress and you're an entrepreneur, you have no lid on your income. It all depends on your business skills and dedication to being financially abundant. 

A dentist can only see so many patients. A waitress can only work so many hours. 

The entrepreneur can work day and night, weeks and weekends...and that freedom genuinely turns me on.

Sitting here typing this, I know I have to write this down. I have to share this...message from my INTP mind.

Before I let you in on my realization, these are the 12 jobs I picked:

Aries: Actor

Taurus: Landscaper

Gemini: Voice Over

Cancer: Seeking Arrangement (lol)

Leo: Music Producer

Virgo: Writer

Libra: Journalist 

Scorpio: Gluten-Free/Specialty Baker

Sagittarius: Songwriter

Capricorn: Graphic Designer

Aquarius: Ballon Party

Pisces: Photographer

Now...My epiphany is that the average annual salary of the majority of these jobs is  $2K-$5K a month. But they're all entrepreneurs. See them, standing there, eyes wanting to sleep, minds tired, souls tormented with people's judgement, bodies aching... But look at their hearts...




Any of those jobs can have a monthly salary of $20K. Even a plumber could get all his plumber friends together, start a company called PlumbersPride, and connect customers to plumbers, taking a profit from all the jobs he's gotten. 

As an entrepreneur, you can make $1M a year or go bankrupt. 

The annual income for the average US house is roughly $50K. 

The annual income for the average starting entrepreneur is roughly $75K. 

The Entrepreneur makes about 45% more. 

Open your door to the brightest road of possibilities and be willing to work. But always remember...

"Work smarter, not harder."

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Good Night May 🌙