Pleasure Me.

Deary May,

I had 3 hours to work today Lol. 

Entrepreneur vs. Bakery. After waking up at 3:45am and not really going back to sleep, I was surprisingly peppy today. I had to leave the bakery at 12pm in order to not get too many hours. Tonight, I closed the bakery too. The shift was 4pm-6:30pm. 

My pajama shirt smells musky...

Some of those 3 hours was baking some coconut pecan cookies for Mom.They turned out HUGE. 

And most of the beginning part of my shift was finishing up a 69 cake for a lady who only needed it to feed one...

Anyways, I got home and watched a few Jimmy Fallon + Kevin Hart videos. I laughed my @ss off when Bindi's brother tried to get Kev to hold a tarantula. 

Then I did some digging. Tony Robbins was my grave. 

I watched a few of his shorter videos, at that point only having an hour. I knew I needed some content for my daily vlog. And I had nuttin. 

Then his 5 minutes on Dr. Oz changed my life. 

See May, I knew I was really doing something real when I'd change zodiacs, including my rising sign, which I how I present myself. 

His segment was about how something as simple as the way you hold your shoulders, slumped or proud, changes the chemistry in your body, therefore creating a different result. 

Now when I go from a Pisces rising to a Cancer rising, it totally changes me. 

But the way he said it made me feel less crazy. Harvard did a study 2 years ago, confirming his 40+ years of coaching people with this knowledge. 

So, I filmed my video, took a 15 minute bath, and yelled repeatedly to myself out loud that I choose how I act, I choose how I feel, and I choose my results. 

If you think you're shy, you actually get freaked out when your personality isn't shy, which is how you're identifying. 

If you want different results, make a drastic change to your personality. 

I choose to be smart, successful, and outgoing. I choose to be courageous and cheerful. 

I choose to be a millionaire. 

Fast Talkin’ Me <<<<—————

Good Night May