Securing the Million

Deary May,

As I write, half of my face is in Mom's video she's filming. 

The idea for my video tonight came about in a groggy mind. My sleep schedule has been shit and I have been eating too much sugar. Plus, I've been feeling stressed in the last week, and today I helped my boss fire a new employee. 

That was tough.

But I imagined myself in slow motion, jumping onto my bed, with money falling from the sky, and "I wanna be a billionaire" playing in the background. But instead saying "I'm gonna be a millionaire..."

iMovie wouldn't let me use that song and I didn't have a large fish net full of $100s to drop on me, but I used some creativity and made it work.

The link is below :)

I googled some info tonight because after waking up at my usual 4:45am and working, leaving to visit a plantation with Mom outside of Florence, and then going back to work to close the bakery, I had nothing beneficial and productive to say to you. 

So after working all day, I came home and pulled my ass up to my iPhone and googled for like 30 mins. 

First I googled how to be a millionaire (because a mere $20K isn't enough for my lavish lifestyle) and then I googled what markets are likely to make millions.

I came up with an idea...

But first I read this:

If you double a penny, then continually double it 27 times, you will get over $1M. 

Fuck yeah.

So then my INTP mind started ticking and tocking. What if you bought something you knew you could sell for at least double...

And did that 27 times???

BOOM. That's all I have to say.

Here's my Nobel-Prize-director effects <<<<<------- ;)

Good Night May