Disappearing Time

Deary May,

Today, I ran outta time. It’s 9pm exactly and I’m waking up at 4:45am tomorrow to open up the bakery. I seem to write better in the darkness of the night. Today, time seemed to slip through my fingers. Yet this morning feels like so long ago. I left the bakery at 1:45pm and came back to close at 4pm. I got gas, went to Walmart for kiwis and coconut milk, went to the bank, washed my hair, fixed some cauliflower YES! Soup, and it was 3:45pm when I was taking my last sip. Time is something you never get back, May. My day was good in general. I learned some conflict skills too. At the bakery, I’m a Team Leader and there’s lots of “leading people”. That’s the nice way of telling someone what to do and if they aren’t doing it, sending them home. But there is a nice-enough way of dealing with all that. I’m a very passive person so it’s all brand new experiences for me.


It’s also taught me how to deal with time. I’m used to taking my leisurely path in life but when my schedule says I need to be done baking for the day by 12pm and there’s a pound cake going out today, red velvet cakes that need to be made STAT, honey bun cake that needs a glaze, stewed peaches that need to be stewed, pecans that need to be chopped, and I need to help the kitchen during the 30min-1.5hr lunch rush, you just gotta make it happen, May. Like magic.


It all starts in the morning, when there’s no one around yet and the sun is slowly rising across downtown. It’s called prioritizing. How could I plan a productive smart day without a plan?? The Art of War says that a general who goes to battle without a plan is sure to be defeated. And Sun Tzu also states that the winning sovereign wins the battle, then goes to war. The defeated goes to battle, then tries to win.


Plan plan plan. But don’t plan too hard that you crush all creativity. Have a plan that allows change. Rush through life with the power of a stream, but also with its fluidity. See, a river bends and turns according to the earth. Don’t stop at a barrier. Go around it. A river rushes.


Well, my mind is stopping here for the night, May. As a manager of my time, 9:10pm is a good time to go to bed. I’ve observed that my tolerance is stronger and my thoughts are clearer when I get close to 8 hours of solid sleep a night. Take care of yourself and you will take care of you.


Good Night May 🌙