Time in a Millionaire's Mansion

Deary May,

Today we drove to Georgetown, SC where my family had swapped a historic downtown house for some of their farmland/rentals. 

Sadly, they decided to sell it because my family can't get along like mature adults. The realtor staged the house and we haven't seen it yet.

Until now.

We walked in and I wanted to share with you what I was seeing. It was a miraculous transformation!!

I hadn't planned for my video yet and I had no content. 

But the house just blew my mind. It's amazing how when you get professional advice and help, your life changes. Drastically. 

I did decide to focus on my knowledge and expertise of three subjects:

1. Lyric writing/music writing/music marketing

2. Cake decorating/cake baking/and frosting making

3. Millionaire mentality/millionaire physicality/pretend poor-ing

And as me and Mom were sipping a hot cup of Charleston's organic black coffee with fresh made coffee cake, I came up with my Triangle Plan.

The first of three corners is our $2K plan, that we have succeeded at. I make roughly $1,600-$2K a month at the bakery and Mom gets some rental income. 

The second corner is our $20K plan, which we're working on. It's Knowledge & Expertise... Music, Baking, and Making Millions.

The third corner is our $2M plan, which we just came up with today. Because the first step of becoming a millionaire is Develop a Written Financial Plan. That is when we get to have fun in the music business recording and playing with our studio. And I will have a house overlooking the ocean on a cliff somewhere with a round room made of windows with a white grand piano in it. 

I need to read Ryan's book ASK again. 

Today is Sunday and sometime's folks find it hard to do anything today except go to church and eat a bunch of fried and cheesy food. Then relax after a week well done. At least, that's what I see here in the southeast.

Anyways May... As always, have a great night.

And my mind will be racing as the moon rises and I try to medicate it with chamomile tea. I have to wake up at 4:45am and daylight savings just moved the time forward an hour. 

I'm signing off, forcibly, at 8:30pm. 

Music, Baking, and Making Millions... I like that...

Time in a Millionaire's Mansion <<<<<---------- ;)

Good Night May