the beginning of ZODI...
I was looking for a product to sell that was a necessity and that Lori says on Shark Tank isn't "kinish". On the way to take my little brother, Jaden, to school on the morning of, my mom asked what I want my product to look like? What's the box look like? What's in the box? I thought and said I wanted a box about 14x14 inches. Then I remembered something I read about entrepreneurial products and said it must not be breakable. And I also had a vision of fabrics. I'd love to stick my hands in a box of fabric. My thoughts went to making something, my mom thought about sewing little girls dresses. She kept telling me not to sell something you have to make. Once my orders were galore, I would have to make it  and produce it and that was not possible. I wanted to sell handmade necklaces but now I'm very grateful that she kept telling me NO.

She then compared my "product" to how I find us properties on the Internet with Zillow. She always tells people I'm a shark with nonstop searching. She can't believe how much I addictively sit and find the best deals. She told me that this product would be like how I find us property. I wouldn't make the product, I would have a business that would help people find something. I would hook up with the wholesalers on Alibaba and put those products on my site, then someone would order them. Then I would ship them. I could NOT BELIEVE what she was saying! I never understood what her vision of this easy money was! I wanted to be an artist, but realized I wouldn't be able to mass produce anything I make. She said any art that I make should be my HOBBY, not my OCCUPATION.

Me and my dad had just been to Indiana before this day and loaded the biggest U-Hual truck they had and then drove to Indiana and unloaded that biggest U-Haul they had. We just bought a house in Evansville, IN, circa 1880, Queen Anne. Steal of a deal that I found so we sold several of our SC rental houses and moved all our 16 couches and 18 beds out West. On the drive back, Mom was texting us 100 miles an hour, vamping us up and ordering us to think of 50 ideas of stuff to sell online. This was before her "real estate addiction comparison". My dad is a FANTASTIC salesman and she and I both hoped that he would think of something beyond this planet. After 74 attempts and about 100 miles of the drive, the best thing we came up with, from toys to tires, was an online store that sold purely Zodiac paraphernalia called ZODI. I told her and she then went on about how that wouldn't work because "it's not a great gift item and people don't need a lot of zodiac stuff because it doesn't wear out so it's not a necessity". I heard NO. So I was on to other ideas. I thought of jewelry stores and other things that wouldn't work. Then my idea-roll stopped rolling and I relaxed in defeat, watching the mountains go by.

SO, back to the day of driving to take Jaden to school, the following morning after driving back from Indiana... We named the place we bought in Indiana Taliferra. It's a great business name for more of what my mom wants to do. "Since Taliferra is such a feminine name, your product needs to be a masculine name," she said. (This is a 4 hour drive to take Jaden back and forth to school…) As I reflect on that drive, sitting at the computer in hurricane weather, waiting for the call to leave for another load to get out of our house after already missing the deadline of when to be out after selling our place we named KINGSE ISLAND, me and Mom have been trying to remember when we actually thought of the product of scarves. And neither of us can really remember. I have no clue and they say, "the best ideas move through you". She just said from the living room, "Ginger, I don't think I've ever been so impressed with you thinking of scarves." lol I just freaked out because my coffee cup sparked in the microwave, why would somebody make a coffee cup with metal! Whenever I thought of scarves, I don't recall, but ZODI just happened to fit my product perfect! It's a necessity, a great gift, and I said that I wanted my sister, Davis, to want to buy it because she's my perfect customer. When I ship the scarves, they're not breakable. The idea came after us also talking about going back down to the flea market to sell something. What do I buy from there… Phone car chargers and infinity scarves… my mom just hugged me and said, "I'm so proud of you, let's do a seance."
Founded October 2nd, 2015