Why Buy a Design?


Owning a business is a special career path for anyone. It is where you give your time, hit your goals, build long-lasting friendships and creative thinkers express their best work. Our businesses are a huge part of our lives. To most of us, they are part of the family. It can be very difficult to maintain a great brand and have one (or more) logos/designs that just don't fit. We all have busy lives, so let us help you reclaim your brand for you by designing your logos.


How much do logos matter? It can be surprising how people immediately recognize a logo, so here are some facts regarding logo and brand importance.

  • Apple, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, IBM and Google are the 5 most Valuable Brands, yet their simplicity wasn't originally desired

  • BBC's new logo costs $1.8 Million. Simplicity is actually more expensive than you'd think

  • 100% of 8 year old's can already identify and match logos to brands



Bad logos are not only a waste of money but it poses a real threat to your business. Psychology and marketing play a large role in designing a memorable logo. To design a readable identity you need to understand what works and what doesn’t work. The following mistakes can ruin any business.

  • Unmemorable, a logo should be crisp, should represent their brand in every way, and should be quickly recognized

  • Over-complexity, as Nike and Apple have shown us, simplicity is key

  • Disconnect, one of the most common mistakes I see is joining too many ideas together within one logo. It creates confusion and doesn't clearly connect with the brand

Allow us to help keep your business safe from designing disasters or gaudy colors that can be off-putting to your customer.



We all care about our customers and should do our part in making our brand desirable and clean for all. If you decide to not invest in your logo, you are harming far more than just yourself. A bad logo can affect your business in the following ways:

  • The single most important goal of a logo will always be to identify the person, product, business or service. Without a good logo, you're brand is an unmemorable face. 

  • A logo that implies you're too corporate, too expensive, or too radical will cause customers to avoid it, even if it's wrongly perceived emotions. 

  • The attention span of the average American is 7 seconds and with an internet full of brands, one bad first impression can turn many potential customers away. 

Certain brands like Pepsi have even gotten backlash from poor “Logo Perceptions” that implement negative images in consumers minds. Failure to brand a good logo can turn you into a giant joke. You might even become a hilarious meme.